About Us

Address of Technology Est. for Security is a 7-years provider of low current solutions to our customers. We as a Integration System maintains strategic relationships with a variety of leading technology and services provider, a critical enabler in our ability to consistently deliver best-in-class technology solutions for our clients. In support of our multi-national supplier base, like Watchnet, Panasonic, Dynascan, Evoko, Opticon, Avaya, GDS Diplasy, eKiosk, Soltec, Sharp , Smart Class by Robotel and many more.

As a Integrator, Integration System is proud of the fact that we consistently deliver the right solution for the challenges at hand… We are not ‘box-sellers’. We strive to never selltechnology withouttangible benefitto our customers. The entire organization’s goal is to help clients navigate the challenges and risks associated with the entire lifecycle of technology solutions, and the team works hard to help our customer base address the risks, costs, and challenges that reside outside of the initial hardware purchase. Our company consistently delivers on the major benefits of technology solutions: lowering costs, raising productivity, showing tangible ROI, and mitigating risk.

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